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  • Welcome to the Blog of Beckley, part internet survival guide, part travel blog, part adventure blog, part op-ed. There is admittedly a lot of different content here, but that means that you’ll probably find something useful or at least entertaining. May/June are rather busy for as I’m moving from Missouri to North Carolina (its not a long story), and instead of driving straight through, I’m going to stop along the way and make an adventure out of the journey. You can help by clicking that blue ‘donate’ button and help build up my travel fund.

    This “grand adventure” (read the story to learn why that’s in quotes) adventure hopefully involves having enough money to sleep in a safe and clean room each night, and not my car, and hopefully also the best slice of pizza each place has to offer. In exchange for helping me get to the coast, I’ll share the adventure you helped make happen through this site, including pictures, videos (I’m hoping to interview the pizza joint staff/owners), and articles.

    To get the whole scoop on my plans for Operation NC or Bust, visit the Command Center page.