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An Untold Danger of Ditching Religion

moments of clarity on the Blog of Beckley

It sounds much more dramatic that what it actually is, but yes, I’ve ditched religion/dogma/spirituality completely. A variety of things led to it, and I’m not yet comfortable enough writing about that yet to discuss it, except to admit that it’s happened. It’s only been a short time officially, but it’s been several years in…

Never Forget, and Never Again


Dear Internet, I assure you, and you should really trust me on this, we will never forget. If for no other reason that all the internet equivalent of bumper stickers reminding us to “never forget”. Permit me to propose an addendum to this sound-byte wisdom: “, and never again”. I’m sure that immediately appeals to…


It’s exhausting constantly waiting for someone to finally figure out that when you said you didn’t want to ever see or speak to them again, that you honestly meant ‘ever’ in the very literal sense.

Obama Comes Out in Favor of Net Neutrality


Yesterday President Obama directly came out in favor of “net neutrality”, letting the FCC know that their plans for the future of the internet are not only wrong, but against the wishes of the American public: “I personally, the position of my administration… is that you don’t want to start getting a differentiation in how…

Do Not Track Me vs Disconnect

Lifehacker just released its 2014 lists of essential extensions for Firefox, and notably missing was Do Not Track Me (DNTM) from Abine. The anti-tracking solution they recommend is Disconnect, of which I’d not heard until I read their article. I’m always on the look out for a better solution to general privacy when using the…

Plus Two Weeks

My new little path through the woods

It’s been two weeks since I left Missouri, and what a whirl-wind ride it has been so far! I’m now getting into the swing of looking for a job, a place to live, and finding my place in the world…again. There have already been some drastic changes to my life here, the biggest one being…